Computer Repairs

New Technology Tech has you covered when it comes to computer repairs we have a big supplier base to assure our clients the best possible prices on replacement parts for any computer should any parts go faulty, our workmanship is top notch. “IT companies outsource to us”

Hardware Faults

We go one step further than our competition, yes we repair desktops screens up to board level, to be more specific we do repairs on the internal power boards of the older generation LCD screens.

Is your Hard Disk Drive running loud, is your laptop slow. It might be time to replace it.

Is your optical disk drive dead, running loud or refusing to read or open, we can replace it be it SATA or IDE interface.

To be specific we replace capacitors on desktop computer mainboards.

We check it all if we can’t fix it we won’t charge you.

Is your cooling fan running loud, is your computer very hot? Your computer might need a service, don’t run it till it breaks have your computer serviced today.

Software Faults

Over time the operating system accumulates junk files and junk software that results in a slow system that could be become very frustrating. We can optimize your computer for peak performance.

Also something an operating system can accumulate over time without the proper protection.

Outdated or corrupt drivers can result in an unstable operating system.

These errors could be anything from corrupt software, a faulty hardware component or even a virus infection on the computer, these faults could be tricky but we are more than capable to assist. “This could also be referred to as boot loops”

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