Laptop Replacement Parts

Laptop Parts

New Technology Tech can supply a wide variety of laptop parts.Supply time average is 1-2 working days, some parts does need to be imported through the manufacturer like main boards and covers thus resulting in supply time of a month plus.

Laptop parts we supply but are not limited to.

Laptop Screens

We supply all laptop screen types and sizes.

Laptop Batteries

We supply all laptop battery types be it internal or external.

Laptop Keyboards

We supply keyboards for all laptop brands and types.

Laptop Screen Cables

We supply all laptop screen cable types.

Laptop DC Jacks

We supply DC Jacks “power connectors” for laptops.

Laptop ODD's

We Supply all ODD “Optical Disk Drives” be it IDE or SATA.

Laptop HDD's

We supply all laptop hard drive types 2.5″ SATA, 2.5″ SSD, MSATA or M.2 also 1.8″ SATA.

Laptop PSU

We supply laptop power supply units for any laptop out there.

Laptop Main Boards

We source main board directly from the manufacturers.

New Technology Tech Great Service

“IT Companies buy from us”

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