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New Technology Tech

New Technology Tech has been established with the goal of providing superior support and repair services. We are expanding our services to the private sector to provide the same level of support and affordability that the business receives. We fill the gap of making IT affordable where most companies have lost their connection of personal service with the private sector. 

Our Mission

New Technology Tech’s mission is to set a new standard in customer service by communicating effectively and providing our client’s with the best possible solution. With an emphasis on helping rather than selling.

Our Vision

Our Vision / Goal is to become the preferred laptop repair centre within the Gauteng region and also to expand to other provinces.

Why i decided to start the company

Through my years of employment working for other companies. I found that clients see you as a shop and not personally as a person who can and is willing to help them.

We are set on building working relationships with all of my clients new and also old with an emphasis on helping rather than selling.

We have seen technicians from other companies working on client laptops and WOW they do not care about the piece of hardware they are working on at all. New Technology Tech, on the other hand, treats your equipment as our own.

Website design!

Fairly a new field for us the design of websites and we make beautiful websites. We are looking to provide our clients with a more cost-effective options/solution on website design and hosting services than other companies out there.

About New Technology Tech
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